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Communities face the same problems all across the world – sickness, poverty, social discrimination, environmental injustice, the list goes on. Though incredible organizations have been founded to help solve these issues over decades and centuries, many communities still struggle without aid, or become dependent upon it.


The Pradiya Foundation is seeking to change that.


We believe that the root of these issues – and the way to solve them – is the need for healthy, self-sufficient communities that are built to last. The Pradiya Foundation was born from a conviction to uplift these people as they bring these communities to life. We are a non-profit organization with the mission of empowering the people of India and Nepal to improve living conditions for people suffering from illness, poverty, discrimination and a lack of human rights.


Our organization seeks to provide people with tools to improve their lives in a sustainable way. Pradiya’s mission is inspired by the lived realities in India and Nepal– where education, employment opportunities, and healthcare are currently lacking significantly. The Pradiya Foundation vows to support people on their journey to create the changes they want to see in their own communities and within their own lives.

So far, we've been able to accomplish so much in Nepal already from the fundraising that we've been doing in the United States and across the world. We've hosted events in San Diego, New York, and Boston selling shawls and other crafts created by community members, launched our organization with the Giving Back Summit, and raised thousands of dollars through GoFundMe campaigns. This has allowed us to begin construction projects, purchase farm animals, provide medical care, make education accessible, provide food and shelter for children in our community, and much more.



Our goal is to bring education, employment, and healthcare to individuals whose needs have been previously overlooked. The name Pradiya comes from the sanskrit words “Pra” and “Diya,” meaning to plant a seed and to bring light. Prabhavati Deva Dwabha is also the name of our founder's mother who founded Ramana's Garden in India. She has been doing seva for over 40 years, and we wanted to honour her.  Sunlight fuels growth, and by investing in our communities and creating pathways for people to empower themselves and develop their communities sustainably, we aim to create flourishing communities across Nepal and India. It is our mission to give them the tools and support in education, employment, health, and human rights to make a better life for themselves.


Building schools in hopes of teaching the children who intend to achieve their goals.


We believe that a good education is one of the most powerful ways you can change a child’s life. Education leads to opportunities, empowerment, and it allows a child to take control of their future. We understand that the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow, and teaching them to value human rights over profit will allow us to change broken systems moving forward.


Health and Nutrition

Ensuring healthy bodies so that minds and spirits can prosper.

Before a child can excel in school and before a parent can provide for their family, they have to feel strong enough to do it. Without our health, the rest of our lives suffer. So, it is one of the Pradiya Foundation’s goals to provide healthy and nutritious food, medication, doctor’s visits, sanitation, and other health services to areas where barriers to receiving care are difficult to overcome. 


Human Rights

Empowering people with the education and opportunity to overcome poverty and social inequalities.

The caste system breeds discrimination between families, keeping individuals in poverty simply because of the family they were born into. In communities that continue to practice giving dowries alongside marriage, daughters are seen as burdens and made to work instead of being given the opportunity to thrive in an educational environment. We are working to create women and youth vocation training centers so that adults can change their paths, and children can have the opportunity to shape their own future.



Creating healthy, thriving communities means caring for the land we live on.

To us, sustainability means two things – caring for the earth and creating long term change. Growth cannot come at the cost of longevity. In order for the communities we serve to grow in the long run, we must ensure that the planet will be able to support them and provide an environment they can thrive in. By investing in sustainable development, we are ensuring that those we serve will have fewer issues caused by their environmental impact. By doing our best to decrease our impact on the environment, we’re also caring for the future of the children and everyone else in the communities we serve.

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