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Join us for the special weekend event, "GIVING BACK SUMMIT – 2023" ( 25th & 26th February )  brought to you all by Pradiya Family & FriendsGiving Back Summit is about uniting as ONE, irrespective of your culture, colour and creed together in a one-world  family. Together, let’s join hands & expand global consciousness; share love, evolve, give back, heal and bring healing to the planet collectively.

Connect through Satsang, Meditation and Music. Whether you are already undergoing a personal transformation or are in search of transformation, whether you are already an active co-creator of your own divine life or you would like to become one – this event is for all!  Befriend a community that becomes family for life.


100% of the funds will go towards supporting the Pradiya Foundation's ongoing work in Nepal.

25th  &  26th February


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Email :
Whatsapp : +91 9012855283

If you're from India, pay using QR code. Once you make the payment kindly email/whatsapp us the details so we can send you the event details & pass.

Satsang with Mooji              1,600 rs.
Kirtan with Rob & Melissa  1,600 rs.
Kirtan with Kaita                   1,600 rs.
Full event Pass.                     4,300 rs.

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Please note : The  registration  details  will  be  sent  to  your  " Paypal email / email  address"  used  to  make  the  payment  in  less  than   6  hours  after  registration.  If  you  want  us  to  send  you  the  details  to a  different  email  address,  kindly  let  us  know. In case you don't see the email in your inbox after registration, pls check your SPAM box as well.

MORE WAYS TO GIVE -Want to give a custom donation? Donate to our latest campaign and support our ongoing work in Nepal. 

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